Profile of more than 500 bird species around the world BIRDS OF THE WORLD is a website on more than 500 birds species observed in various countries of the world. Birds are fascinating animals, not the least because they can fly. Flying is a feat that humans strove for and finally succeeded at after many long centuries of trials and disasters. Birds are descendants of dinosaurs just as crocodiles and turtles are. There are different ways to access the bird profile pages on this website. You can use the BIRD INDEX by English name, and a TAXONOMIC LIST of the species found on this website. The locations where the birds were observed are noted, with a link to access the list of birds in that location. You can also check the List of Countries and States on the left sidebar menu. Birds come in very different sizes and sometimes striking colors, while some are flightless. Some are social, others are solitary. Some are predators, others are preyed upon. The bill shape det