Here are some general resources used throughout this website:


For BIRD NAMES: The Helm Dictionary of Scientific Bird NamesThe Dictionary of American Bird Names by Ernest A. Choate.


Many Resources and Links are provided on the pages of this website on a vast array of topics related to birds, for example:

Bird feeding
Bird index

Below is a list of resources and links by country, state or province:


The Emu is the national bird of Australia - photo by Sheba
Emu, National bird of Australia, by Sheba

CANADA, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND: - This website contains a full profile of all the birds observed on Prince Edward Island, with many resources as well.

The Blue jay is the provincial bird of Prince Edward Island - photo by Marie Smith
Blue jay, PEI Provincial bird, Marie Smith

List of Birds of Connecticut
Audubon Society
University of Connecticut Ornithology
A birder website : fatbirder

The American robin is the State bird of Connecticut - photo by Denise Motard
American robin, Connecticut State bird

Please check this website on BIRDS OF HAWAII
Other resources for birds of Hawaii:
Birds of the island of Kauai
Hawaii’s birds: past, present, and future
List of birds of Hawaii (both introduced and endemic)
Introduced bird species in Hawaii
Endemic bird species in Hawaii
Bird conservation in Hawaii
Books – A Pocket Guide to Hawaii’s Birds, by H. Douglas Pratt (very useful!)
A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Hawaii, University of Hawai’i Press
Hawaii’s Birds, by the Hawaii Audubon Society

The Nene is the State bird of Hawaii
Nene, State bird of Hawaii

JAPAN: (Australian Government, Department of the Environment, Migratory Waterbirds & the East Asian-Australasian Flyway)

The Green pheasant is the national bird of Japan - photo by Alpsdake
Green pheasant, National bird of Japan, Alpsdake

NEW ZEALAND: (private sea tours in Kaikoura for seabirds) (provide lots of info + dozens of photos on each bird) (The Ornithological Society of New Zealand)

The Kiwi is the National bird of New Zealand - photo by Maungatautari Ecological Island Trus
Kiwi, New Zealand National bird

List of Birds of Tanzania
Photos of birds of Tanzania
Status of Tanzania birds

Tanzania does not appear to currently have a 'national' bird, but the Grey-crowned crane is sometimes mentioned unofficially (although this species is already the national bird of Uganda).

Grey-crowned crane, Tanzania - photo by Daniel St-Laurent
Grey-crowned crane, Tanzania