BERTRAM’S WEAVER (Ploceus bertrandi) (See images below)
The Bertram’s Weaver is a small colorful bird that builds its woven nest in colonies in trees. It is endemic to Tanzania. The male has a black face and throat, and the top of the head is also black. The plumage is mainly yellow with an olive back and wings. There’s a white ring around the eye.
Weaver birds are a passerine family thus named due to their habit of ‘weaving’ their nests from vegetation. Most of them are found in Africa south of the Sahara.

Bertram’s Weaver in a nest colony, Tanzania – Jan. 2018, by Daniel St-Laurent
Bertram's weaver, nest colony, Tanzania
Bertram’s weaver at its nest entrance – Tanzania, Jan. 2018, photo by Daniel St-Laurent
Bertram's weaver at its nest, Tanzania