BLACK-FRONTED DOTTEREL (Elseyornis melanops) (See images below)
The black-fronted dotterel is a small plover native to Australia but self-introduced to New Zealand in the 1950s. It is common, and as other birds in this family they are wading along the shores in search of food such as insects and invertebrates. They have two black horizontal bands, one across the eye and the other at the base of the neck.

Black-fronted dotterels on a pebble beach – Kaikoura, NZ, photo by Denise Motard
Black-fronted dotterels, Kaikoura, NZ
The Pacific Ocean waters around the Kaikoura Peninsula are very rich in nutrients due to upwelling oceanic currents. It is an excellent place for observing seabirds and shorebirds. Black-fronted dotterels foraging in the kelp.
Black-fronted dotterels, Kaikoura, NZ