DUCLAIR DUCK (domestic breed)(See images below)
The Duclair duck is not a wild species, but rather a domestic breed descended from the Rouen duck. Both are of French origin. The Rouen is almost identical to the Mallard (both males and females, and even ducklings), only larger. Those breeds including the Duclair are raised mainly for their meat but also for their eggs. The Duclair breed standards date back to 1923.
The Duclair male has a dark green iridescent head, a white bib and grey-brown back and sides. This duck prefers a free range and forages on insects and crustaceans. It can also be raised as a pet, due to its quiet temperament. This option however will make it harder for its owners to turn this duck into a roast!
NAME: The English name ‘Duck’ is from Anglo-saxon ‘duce’ and means ‘diver’.

Duclair drake – Rockport, TX – Feb. 5, 2017 – by Jodi Arsenault
Duclair duck, TX, by Jodi Arsenault
Duclair duck pair feasting on Cheerios -Rockport, TX – Mar. 2, 2017 – by Jodi Arsenault
Duclair duck pair, TX, by Jodi Arsenault