SUPERB STARLING (Lamprotornis superbus) – (See images below)
Superb Starlings owe their name to their vivid colors – bright, metallic blue plumage for the back, breast and wings, and burnt orange for the under parts. The blue of the breast is separated from the burnt orange of the abdomen by a narrow white band. The bill and legs are black and the eye bright yellow. Both sexes are similar.
The superb starling feeds on the ground from insects, seeds and berries. They stand in groups and are tame, to the point where they can be hand fed.
The superb starling is common across eastern Africa, including Tanzania.

Superb starlings are tame enough to be hand-fed, Tanzania - by Daniel St-Laurent, Jan. 2018
Tame Superb starlings hand fed, Tanzania
Hand-feeding superb starlings, Tanzania - by Daniel St-Laurent, Jan. 2018
Hand-feeding Superb starlings, Tanzania