WHITE STORK (Ciconia ciconia) – (See images below)
The White Stork is a winter visitor in Tanzania as it breeds in Europe (mainly). When migrating south, it avoids flying over the Mediterranean due to lack of adequate air currents above the water for soaring.
White storks are large birds about 110 cm (40 in.) tall with long, slender legs as with other storks. The plumage is mainly white with the wing ends black. The bill and legs are red. Their diet is varied across the small animal spectrum.
This species of stork is gregarious. i.e. gathers in groups, especially when migrating and breeding, but also while hunting. There are many images of storks standing on their nests atop structures in Europe, like churches or rooftops. There are now also human-made structures to incite the birds to build their nests there, rather than on top of electrical poles which can lead to power outages.
There is an ancient tradition of associating the white stork with bringing babies to European families, and even today this association is still illustrated in marketing products for babies.

White storks, Tanzania, by Daniel St-Laurent, Jan. 2018
White storks, Tanzania, Jan. 2018